Red Mercury 20/20

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Mercury red (Hg207Sb2), also called RM-20/20, also called multi-functional catalyst or compound-20/20.

Mercury Red, Mercury Oxystibate (Sb2O7Hg2).

All standards are the most purified, can be used in scientific events. Application: gold mining, pharmaceutical, heavy duty military lasers, etc.



CAS: 129-16-8

Chemical formula: Hg207Sb2

Molecule: 1365.5

Purity: 99.999%

Color: Cherry Red

Density: 20

Melting point: -37.67 s

Boiling point: 350.73 ° C

The level of gamma radiation: 0.44-0.64

Reaction K: 0.00015-0.00016

Reaction P: 9.000-8.000

Freezing point: 1.024 ° C

Temperature value: 160.87 ° C

Forms: liquid metal scroll type

Hardness after Rodsem: 0.768-0.794

VDSA Reaction: 0.30-0.29

ADR reaction: 0.30-0.29

It was believed that this substance has, among other things, a high density (20 g / cm ³), a freezing point of -150 ° C, toxicity at the KCN level and radioactivity; guns, not that in “super-power military lasers.”

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